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Hi! I'm Jaime!

I am a designer, stylist, creator, lover of all things fashion, coffee addict, shoe aficionado, fur baby mama, free spirited dreamer, daughter, best friend, sister & all around unique creature.

Why Champagne & GRIT?

Champagne & GRIT is the combination of who I am!   Champagne because I stand for luxury and celebration.  I celebrate Wednesday's, puppies, love & all things in-between!  GRIT because life is not easy. However, I have the courage, strength, and unrelenting spirit to keep going thanks to God, my family & friends!

I grew up in Landenberg PA, where our home town slogan is, "you can't get there from here".  It's a tiny, tiny town, without traffic lights, sidewalks, or lines on the road and only two street lamps to light your way. I am blessed to have the most amazing family & a mom who raised me to be a limit pusher,  & free spirited dreamer.

I have a degree in Interior Design, which enabled me to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in Hawaii while working for a design firm.  My inner fashionista could not be satisfied, so I moved to Florida to chase my next dream. I worked for ten years at one of the largest department stores in the world as a Visual Executive where I spent my days styling, dreaming, creating, installing, coordinating, leading, & bringing fashion and fantasy to life.

During this time, I created and launched my bridal accessory line in 2012.  This became a new creative outlet that allowed me the privilege to share in a bride’s big day all across the globe. I was also moonlighting as a bridesmaid, maid of honor, & all-time best wedding guest.  I styled, planned, coordinated, DIYed, & everything in between to fuel my passion for weddings & brides.  I felt so blessed and honored to share in their happily ever after & those moments have subsequently become some of my happiest memories.

Champagne & GRIT is my heart and soul.  I am fortunate to be able to focus 100% of my passion on designing, creating & styling for my brides, & the privilege to build this beautiful, amazing business full time.

I can't wait to help you create & fulfill your own fairytale, & I'm also pretty sure we will become great friends through the process! So, cheers to you & your happily ever after! Let the celebration begin! 

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My Family, Zoey (my fur baby), Random Acts of Kindness, The Beach, Music, DMB, Dancing, Friends TV show, High Heels, Coffee, French Fries, Summer (my '99 Mazda Miata), Blogilates, Laughing, Elephants,  Hula Hooping, Having as Much Fun as Possible, Making New Friends, Weddings, & Alpacas!

Guilty Pleasures:  

Bacon, Pizza, Donuts, High Heels (it goes on both lists), Shopping, Butter, Cheese, Pinterest, People Watching, Spoiling my Zoey!

Fun Facts:  

I name the majority of my important belongings. I believe this came from my mom, Debby, who always thought a super fun job would be to name things: streets, crayons, cars, colors, etc.  

One of my favorite ‘random acts of kindness’ is to pay the toll for the automobile behind me, but you must drive away fast so they don’t catch you to say thanks!  You should give it a try, it's pretty amazing!