Champagneandgrit Jaime

Hi! I'm Jaime!

designer, stylist, glamour enthusiast, coffee addict, shoe aficionado, fur baby mama, free spirited dreamer and all-around unique soul.

“Champagne & GRIT is my heart and soul. It is modern, unique and bold .. a combination of who I am as person.  I am truly humbled and blessed each time a bride grants me the privilege to share in their happily ever after”.  ~ Jaime

Jaime’s design journey started as a child, growing up surrounded by creative, powerful women.  After receiving a BS in Interior Design, Jaime began an exciting journey from her home in Pennsylvania to Hawaii where she designed and styled hotels and luxury homes.  Her thirst for fashion could not be quenched. She relocated from Hawaii to embark on a career in fashion. For 10 years she worked in the fashion industry as a Visual Executive where her days were spent styling, designing, dreaming, installing, and bringing fashion and fantasy to life.

During this time, she created and launched her bridal accessory line in 2012. Champagne & GRIT became the love of her life granting her the privilege to share in bride’s weddings across the globe.


Each adornment is handmade in our atelier studio in sunny South Florida.  Our heirloom pieces are handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail by an expert team of artisans.  No two pieces are exactly the same because of this process. Each adornment is hand cut and crafted with exquisite detailing, quality craftsmanship and ethical production.  


Champagne & GRIT sources the finest materials from around the globe.  Our Luxe English tulle has a superior softness and silk-like drape at a fraction of the cost. Luxe English tulle comes in an array of colors: ivory, white, champagne, blush, blue mist, gray skies and black.  This stunning collection of colors, combined with our artisan dye process, is sure to leave your brides wanting more!

We specialize in Ombré capes and veils.  Each Ombré accessory is hand dyed to order. This artisan process ensures a one of kind experience and for this reason, each Ombré dyed piece will vary in coloration.  

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The Champagne & GRIT woman is daring, vibrant, madly in love with life and unapologetically living by her own rules.  She’s captivating, strong, passionate and unstoppable. Our aspiration as a brand is to always be on the forefront of fashion; designing for the bold, dynamic, unique woman. Champagne & GRIT embodies fashion and innovation with artisan handcrafted techniques.


My Family, Zoey (my fur baby), Random Acts of Kindness, The Beach, Music, DMB, Dancing, Friends TV show, High Heels, Coffee, French Fries, Summer (my '99 Mazda Miata), Blogilates, Laughing, Elephants,  Hula Hooping, Having as Much Fun as Possible, Making New Friends, Weddings, & Alpacas!

Guilty Pleasures:  

Bacon, Pizza, Donuts, High Heels (it goes on both lists), Shopping, Butter, Cheese, Pinterest, People Watching, Spoiling my Zoey!

Fun Facts:  

I name the majority of my important belongings. I believe this came from my mom, Debby, who always thought a super fun job would be to name things: streets, crayons, cars, colors, etc.  

One of my favorite ‘random acts of kindness’ is to pay the toll for the automobile behind me, but you must drive away fast so they don’t catch you to say thanks!  You should give it a try, it's pretty amazing!