Being a designer I get the chance to work with some amazing brides, vendors & local artist.   These are just some of the moments that I have been blessed enough to be a part of that have been published . . . which totally brings tears to my eyes & my heart swell (I am so blessed)! 

Bridal Cape Veil, Champagne Cape, Wedding Veil, Destination bride, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.png

Lexi & Will’s

Dark and moody outdoor wedding

Bridal Cape, Wedding Veil Cape, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Safari Wedding

A Naturally Chic Wedding at a Safari Camp in Kenya

Say yes to the Dress, bridal Cape , Wedding veil cape, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg


Episode 9 - 'Did Someone Say $16,000?' Bride Marlena

Vizcaya Wedding, South Florida Bride, Bridal Cape, Wedding Cape Veil Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

vizcaya museum

Back Necklace, bridal back drop necklace, Wedding Back Necklace Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Samsara Garden

Boho Bridal halo, Crytal bridal Halo, Wedding Hair accesorries, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Beach Boho Wedding 

tropical bride, Bridal Accessories, bridal Cape, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Modern Tropical

macrame veil, Macrame Wedding, Boho Veil, Ombre veil, Ombre wedding, Blue Veil, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Bohemian Obsessed

Modern Bride, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Alice in Wonderland

Bridal Halo, Boho bridal Headpiece, Forehead bridal Headband- Champagne and GRIT

Industrial Wedding

Bridal Cape, Wedding Back Necklace, Back drop necklace, Blush Veil, Blush wedding cape, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Trend Watch

West Palm beach Bride, Bridal Accessories, Wedding Accesory, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

West Palm Elopement

Blue Crystal Earrings, Bridal Earrings, Wedding Earrings, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Blue Rustic Wedding

Bridal Veil Cape, Wedding Veil, Detachable train, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

International Polo Club

Macrame Bouquet wrap, Ombre Bride, Ombre Wedding, Boho Wedding Inspo, Hand Dyed, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Boho Wedding 

Bridal Accessory, Wedding Accessories, Champagne and GRIT Jaime Lorenozni - Copy.jpg

meet Jaime 

Boho bridal Accessories, Beach Bride, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

25 Ceremony backdrops

Hearst, Watters hearst, BHLDN bride, BHLDN hearst, GALATEA, watters galatea, willow by watters, watters, White Opal necklace, Statement Necklace, Champagne and GRIT.jpg

Modern City Wedding

vizcaya Bride, Vizcaya Wedding, bridal Cape, Wedding Veil Cape, Bridal cape Veil, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Meet jaime 

Walton House Wedding, White Opal hair vine, Boho Hair vine, White Crytal bridal Accessory, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

English Cottage Garden 

Bridal Cape, Bridal Halo, South Florida Bridal Accessories, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

romantic elopement

Boho Bridal Earrings, Boho bridal Accessories, Boho wedding, Bridal Halo, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Earthy Organic Wedding

Blush Veil, Ombre Veil, Ombre wedding, Ombre blush bridal Veil, Blush wedding, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Brunch Dreams Wedding

Bridal Necklace, Statement Necklace, Wedding Necklace, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpg

Earthy Organic Wedding

Magenta Ombre Wedding, Ombre Veil, Pink Veil, Blush Veil, Colored Veil, Champagne and GRIT - Copy.jpeg

Coastal Citrus

Champagne and grit Pomme Radnor - blush wedding

Pretty in Pink

Blush Velevet Ring box Champagne and GRIT Pomme Radnor.jpg

Blank Canvas


Vintage Inspired


Pink and Pretty

Beach WEdding, Bridal Cape Champagne and GRIT.jpg

Cali Cliffside Escape